The Jack Moves

Free Money

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Free Money twists and grooves, chugs and grinds, and sways - a modern, smashed-up hybrid devoid of nostalgic put-ons.  Strangely enough this album could be the bastard child of The Stones “Some Girls” and Drake’s “More Life”. Underneath Powell’s sepia toned soul rhythms, Desmondes' honeyed vocals sing incantations and love letters to unbelievers ("Penn Station"), lovers ("Sunshine," "Red Lights"), ancient beings ("Three The Hard Way") and addicts — both digital and pharmaceutical ("Wantin' You,” "Money Clouds”) — all searching for something: a fix, a fuck, a dollar, a safe place, a friend, a home. Swipe left. Swipe right. Into a tangled void of fear and longing.

These are the songs young beat-choppers will be sampling in the post-millennial era.