Everloving is our harbor of beauty. And daring. A port from which artists are  encouraged to set out for the stars aware that ambitions can sometimes crash and burn you. And that dreams sometimes drift, lost in a galaxy, so close and yet so far.

We are not a punk label, a soul label, a dance label, a world label or even an indie label.
We are an independent, fuck labels, champion.
Whether you’re from Kinshasa, Baltimore or San Diego. Paris, Stockholm or Santiago.

Yes. Independent Champions

The Jack Moves on Tour

Soft Palms On Tour

Jupiter and Okwess On Tour


  • Jack Moves w/ Yellow Days

    Yellow Days is British musician George van den Broek. His band are super dope and we can’t wait for The Jack Moves to tour with them starting end of April!!
  • The Jack Moves open for Latin Soul Icon Joe Bataan at White Eagle Hall

    In a seismic collision of contemporary groove and timeless Latin soul, The Jack Moves ignited the stage, setting ablaze the hallowed halls of White Eagle Hall alongside the legendary maestro of New York, Joe Bataan, in a musical coup d'état that shook the very foundations of the city.
  • At Heritage Farm, Michelin stars align with the avant-garde

    At  Michelin starred Heritage Farm, Soft Palms curates an auditory feast like no other, blending the intoxicating melodies of Serge Gainsbourg and Ennio Morricone with the visceral performances of Long Beach Symphony's virtuosos. Featuring Virgil Arndt of Faux Real and illuminated by the kaleidoscopic visions by Mad Alchemy