Everloving vs Evil

20th anniversary compilation LP

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Everloving is our harbor of beauty. And daring. A port from which artists are encouraged to set out for the stars aware that ambitions can sometimes crash and burn you. And that dreams sometimes drift, lost in a galaxy, so close and yet so far.

We are not a punk label, a soul label, a dance label, a world label or even an indie label.

We are an independent, fuck labels, champion.

Whether you’re from Kinshasa, Baltimore or San Diego. Paris, Stockholm or Santiago.

Yes. Independent Champions

The record you are about to hear is a testament to our belief in songs. To the trust we have in artists. But also to the trust they have in us. And each other. Because Everloving vs Evil.

Everloving vs Evil
Everloving Records

1. Michael Andrews – Calculation Theme
2. Adam Topol – Too Early
3. Don Cavalli – Dancing To The Radio
4. Adan Jodorowsky & Xavi Polycarpe – You’re Gonna Miss Me
5. Jupiter & Okwess – Sexy Plexi
6. Guy Blakeslee – Mad World
7. The Jack Moves – Vitamin A
8. Piers Faccini – Smile On
9. Soft Palms – Each Wave That Breaks
10. Four AM – Take Good Care Of Yourself
11. Dana Buoy – Amor Sin Fin
12. Inara George – See Me Plain