The Growlers

Hung at Heart

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The Growlers seminal album "Hung At Heart" is ten years old and has some stories to tell.

From the aborted Dan Auerbach sessions to the hastily released and self produced version, the songs on this album have  been on quite the rollercoaster ride.

Now finally former producer and drummer Scott Montoya has remastered the tracks to allow a new and more true listening experience than ever before.

The package has been expanded to a gatefold and a small poster is included.

Our Deluxe edition also includes the Hung at Heart demos on it's own LP.  These versions were previous limited to a cassette only release.

This deluxe edition is ultra limited to 500 pieces and we currently have just a handful in our store. 


Both versions are in stores May 17, 2024.  We ship ours to you by May 10