Dana Buoy

Experiments in Plant Based Music Vol. 1

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The first pressing of Dana Buoy’s new album is pressed on limited edition green translucent vinyl. Get yours while they last.  Also available on CD in a paper Digipak


Dana Buoy's latest album, "Experiments in Plant Based Music vol. 1," is a true sonic wonderland that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in modern music. With its innovative use of plant-based instruments and unconventional production techniques, this album is a true feast for the ears.

From the hypnotic rhythms and lush soundscapes of opening track "Fear From Mind," to the haunting melodies and otherworldly textures of standout tracks like "Drown" and "Dragon's Blood," every moment of "Experiments in Plant Based Music vol. 1" is a testament to Buoy's incredible talent and creative vision.

Whether you're a fan of experimental music, or simply looking for something truly unique and inspiring, "Experiments in Plant Based Music vol. 1" is an essential addition to any music lover's collection. So pick up your copy on vinyl or CD today and experience the wonder and magic of this truly groundbreaking album.