Dogtown and Z-boys

RIP Jay Adams

Everloving is sad to hear of the passing of the legendary Jay Adams. He wasn’t the first skateboarder. But he was the first to try and accomplish impossible feats. Without thinking he could maneuver his board any way he could imagine. Over under up down this way that way, directions defying gravity, fear and logic. The tan and sun-bleached surfer wore cheap shoes and t-shirts. But before anyone would have known or cared about any of this, the world was forever being changed by his moves, his look and presence.
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Pre-order Chinese Fountain

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Fans cry SELLOUT upon first hearing “Good Advice” from the upcoming Growlers set.  The highly charged alt rock track has already drawn comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Black Keys and even Teardrop Explodes!  After the initial shock wore off fans were back online cheering their band on and raving about the “new sound”

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