If Don Cavalli only appeared on the indie music scene with “Cryland” (2007) and then “Temperamental” (2013), he would already have had a long career behind him. But Everloving has now reissued “De Profundis”, first released in 2003. At the time, Cavalli was the undisputed star of the international rockabilly scene. Today, 13 years later, the time has come to rediscover those 16 songs, steps in the long slog through the bayou and the bars on the road to a New World: His. “I wanted to make a solo album, simply and quickly. Having just dived into open tuning which is by definition rather rudimentary, I started to listen to a lot of things out of my wheelhouse of 50’s rock n’ roll. Mostly rock steady and reggae. The rest is just the chronicles of a dude from the projects.” The recording was then a very quick affair with 2 tape recorders scientifically placed (more or less) in different corners of his apartment. The takes are live. And the first ones usually sounded the best. The hiss of the old tape machines contributing as much to the vibe as his rugged picking and haunted vocals.

"De Profundis” is not however another homage to rockabilly pioneers or forgotten country blues pickers. There’s something a little more personal; almost intimate in the naked rawness that the stripped down sound delivers in the end. Along for the ride in Cavalli’s car when he starts singing “I won’t be coming no more” we soon hear the story behind the story that's not far behind.'The melody and the words came to me while I was driving to the factory where I worked. I made a U turn and never went back… or to Carmela’s for that matter.” the same Carmela we seem to know since forever through the song he sings about her. “King Jesus” seems to give the ride a spiritual vibration that takes us to tune called “Berceto Stomp” named after his family’s ancestral village over the border in Italy. "I tried to get the guitar to sound like a mandolin a times to add an Italian

touch. Doesn’t sound too Italian though.” In the end, all the ingredients are in these recordings, foreshadowing the radical change to come in “Cryland” and “Temperamental” making us all the more eager to hear the next studio album coming out at the end of 2016.

Don Cavalli will be playing this album live as a solo artist. His undeniable authenticity has earned him opening slots for Ben Harper, The Black Keys and more recently Robert Plant.

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