Floating On A Sphere


  • Release 2016


“If ever a person were to solve all of our world’s problems in one 10 track album, Floating on a Sphere is it” – Impose Magazine
“It’s the sound of a run-down strip mall on Route 66, an Old West town thriving on the tourism industry.” – Pop Matters

Floating On A Sphere, his first with Everloving, compiles work from previously self-released material that rides the rails between lo fi acoustic punk and agit folk a-la Jonathan Richman or Billy Bragg.


“Drummers,” calling for revolution, imagines a present where the people have taken to the streets and “Floating on a Sphere” takes a softer approach to the same mindset with a psilocybin-y assertion that the world is simple and we’re all connected. “A to B” is a detuned saunter through the aimless confusion of figuring out what do to with your life. Dim Sum, the lone love song on the album is sweet, romantic and bare while avoiding treacle with a clear eye. Love still has a seat at the table, even if it’s only temporary.

As a debut, Floating On A Sphere is a modern take on the itinerant wanderer living freely under the hobo code. Political and prickly without resorting to nihilism, Deepakalypse has taken an honest approach to songwriting that’s influence is obliquely rooted in the American experience.