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Fans cry SELLOUT upon first hearing “Good Advice” from the upcoming Growlers set.  The highly charged alt rock track has already drawn comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Black Keys and even Teardrop Explodes!  After the initial shock wore off fans were back online cheering their band on and raving about the “new sound”

In fact this sound and the band’s songwriting has been bubbling under for years. But after igniting a legion of psych surf bands it was time to move forward. The Growler’s weren’t going to just be part of a passing sound.

So with access to classic mics and instruments and through a vintage Neve board, the band has made their first real “studio album.”

The forthcoming album may shock, dismay, or amaze, but Brooks Nielsen’s lyrics and this band’s amazing chemistry will hook you whether you are an OG fan or a first time listener.