De Profundis March 11


Everloving is re-releasing “De Profundis,” first released in 2003. At the time, Paris-based Cavalli, who was the undisputed star of the international rockabilly scene was shapeshifting by making an album without any artifice. Thirteen years later, the time has come to rediscover those 16 songs, steps in the long slog through the bayou and the bars on the road to a New World: His.

The recording was a very quick affair with 2 tape recorders scientifically placed (more or less) in different corners of his apartment.

The takes are live, and the first ones usually sounded the best. The hiss of the old tape machines contributing as much to the vibe as his rugged picking and haunted vocals.

“De Profundis” is not however an n’th homage to rockabilly pioneers or forgotten country blues pickers. There’s something a little more..personal, almost intimate that’s in the naked rawness that the stripped down sound delivers in the end. All the ingredients are in these recordings, foreshadowing the radical change to come in “Cryland” and “Temperamental” making us all the more eager to hear the next studio album coming out at the end of 2016.  A limited edition vinyl version will be released this summer.