Dana Buoy

Dana Janssen left Brooklyn in 2010 for the allure of an unknown life on the West Coast. Also a key member of the experimental art rock band Akron/Family, he moved to Portland, OR and shortly thereafter began his new indie-pop project, Dana Buoy. Inspired by his new surroundings and a new romantic interest, it wasn’t long before he wrote and released his full-length debut Summer Bodies in 2012. Conceptually based around the excitement and mystique of finding someone to fall for, Summer Bodies is upbeat and care-free, as has become so characteristic of Dana Buoy’s music. Now with 2014s’ Preacher, a five-song EP, Dana’s youth and attitude are still front and center but with a new depth as a result of growing up and moving on. Written and performed entirely by Dana Buoy himself, and co-produced by Dana and Abe Seiferth, this EP's cathartic pop is more polished than ever. From the head-bob inducing “It’s Alright,” to the warm and fuzzy synths that weave together the title track, Preacher is infectious and real, and ready for every moment to feel good.