Adam Topol debuts first single

LA-based songwriter ADAM TOPOL has released his new single “The Captain,” the first track revealed from his forthcoming Everloving Records debut album Regardless of the Dark, out on July 22nd. The track premiered yesterday exclusively at Relix Magazine, and is the first piece of solo music released by Topol after spending so many years on the road drumming for legendary artists like Ziggy Marley, Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder, and several others.

Playing alongside so many great musicians had made coming up with his own material all the more challenging. He threw his own first record out because he wanted to go back and do it again until it felt right. The final result is a ten song voyage from Brazil to Reno that goes by the name of Regardless of the Dark. It took nearly three years to record the album – on the road on a laptop, in random studios on off days, and at home in Topol’s garage in Venice, CA.